Beaded jewellery, handmade in Surrey, UK

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Woking Volunteer and Young Volunteer of the Year Awards 2017

Greenoak’s third Volunteer of the Year Awards competition launches this month to find Woking’s extra special unsung heroes. These awards recognise the fantastic contributions so many volunteers make to people’s lives in Woking Borough.

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Book Review: Finding Focus #2 – Chasing Castles by Jiffy Kate

Woah! I’ve just finished reading this lovely book which I received as an advanced reader’s copy for review. It’s out today, so pick it up and give it a read 🙂

I’ve personally met both of the authors, so can totally vouch for their authenticity – they’re both beautiful women (inside and out), and they deserve admiration.

Read on below for more details!

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Shabby-Chic Upcycling: Is it really that easy?

It’s been a while… but I haven’t been lazy! Read on to find out about my latest project 🙂

Well over a year ago I mentioned in this post that I would soon have a proper workspace from which I could work – instead of having to compete with the rest of my family over space on the dining or coffee table.

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Choose Handmade Jewellery

His and Hers Bracelets

As the spotlight returns to the craft industry, you’ll have no doubt seen a rise in handmade products cropping up online, at local markets, and in the shops. It goes without saying that if you’re trying to find something unique, the high street probably isn’t the best place to go shopping. But what exactly makes handmade accessories a cut above the rest?

Here are 5 reasons why everyone should invest in a few pieces of custom-made jewellery for their collection.

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