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Work in Progress



I don’t know about you, but when I purchase something online from a small business, I’m often intrigued about their set up.

I mean, do they work from a studio? Are they busy juggling their business alongside other, less exciting tasks? Is it a one-person-band, or do they have an army of minions running around organising their social media, orders and dispatch, and – dare I say it – production?

WIPThat’s why I’ve decided to post a photo I took only yesterday of my current workspace.  At the moment I’m working from my coffee table (when it’s not taken over by the rest of the family), and although it’s nice to be there, it’s not really ideal.

I haven’t always worked from my coffee table – I used to take up the dining room! But we’re currently renovating our house and, as a result, my workspace is work in progress…

The good news is that I’ll eventually have a space to call my own – a small, but perfectly-formed studio in our new garden room. I can’t wait! It’s located in the sunniest corner of our garden, so I’ll have plenty of natural daylight within which to work.

If you run a small business – whether it be your sole income or as a side project – what’s your workspace like?

I’d love to hear!

Neets xx


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. One of my work spaces is squeezed into my room the other is anywhere I fancy at any time. That’s the beauty of picking up your camera and going 🙂


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