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Product Review: Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués

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Have you ever heard of nail polish appliqués?

I hadn’t either, until a friend of mine in Canada started telling me all about Jamberry nail wraps. I thought they were a fantastic idea, until I realised that they weren’t actually available here in the UK 😦

Imagine my excitement when I spotted this tweet a little while back:


I have to admit that I have a bit of a weakness for nicely manicured nails (show me a woman who doesn’t!), so I immediately got in touch with @xNailCandyX to find out more. A few days later, a padded envelope arrived with my purchase and a cute Yankee Candle wax melt as a thank you 🙂

Turns out these appliqués are pretty big in the US! They’re made by a company called Incoco and, according to their blurb, they’re “the first and only manufacturer of 100% real nail polish appliqués”. And what a selection to choose from!

ScreenHunter_08 Feb. 20 16.02

Selection taken from Incoco website

It took me only a couple of tries to place the appliqués correctly (thankfully, they come with a couple of spares for exactly this reason!) and once applied, they felt like normal nail polish – no thick layer of acrylic, no creases or bits that wouldn’t adhere correctly – but best of all: they were completely DRY and I could get on with things immediately after application. Hallelujah!

Removal is simple, too. No harsh remover is required as the appliqués are made of ‘normal’ nail polish. There’s no need to scrape the adhesive off, either, meaning that the nail bed remains undamaged. Pretty amazing for a product that can last up to 14 days with normal wear, don’t you think?

You can find xNailCandyX on Facebook, too: GlowGo9 – why not take a look and treat yourself to a unique manicure?

P.S. Word on the street is that Jamberry will soon be launching in the UK – I’ll be trying their wraps next! 🙂

Neets xx


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