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Small Business Saturday

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday here in the UK, so I endeavoured to do my best to promote small businesses to all and sundry, of course!

I’d like to think that ANeetProduction could be regarded as a small business, but in reality it’s more of a nano-business (yep – I’ve skipped over ‘micro’ entirely!). We all have to start somewhere, don’t we!

Anyway, just in case you missed my posts on Facebook or Twitter yesterday, here’s a selection of the businesses I wanted to promote:

Nicole Engelmann Photography

Claire’s Sweet Temptations

KLRSnaps Photography

Inka Paws

Goddess Beauty & Holistic Therapies

Do check out the links – I have first hand experience of all of these small businesses, so my recommendations are from the heart!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed and supported your local small businesses this weekend!

Neets xx